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Gabby Gomez

I am honored to endorse Sheriff Angela Brandenburg because I have seen first-hand her passion to help bridge the gap between law enforcement and the Latino community to build trust. This is critical in the services that we provide to ensure survivors of abuse feel safe, heard, and supported when reporting to law enforcement.  

It has been a great professional privilege to work with Angela Brandenburg throughout my career as an advocate for survivors.  Witnessing the compassion, commitment, skill, and bravery of our law enforcement officers is seeing the system work at its best.  There is no doubt a multidisciplinary team that works well together is the best approach to combatting violence in our community and saving lives.

Gabriella Gomez, Community Advocate of Latinx Services of 23 years

Martha Spiers

Clackamas County is not exempt from the same problems facing the rest of the region. People living on the street often have complex problems that require innovative, collaborative, and compassionate solutions. 


Under Brandenburg’s leadership, our Sheriff’s Office has lead the way by proactively partnering to provide treatment, transitional housing, and other supports for people trapped in revolving door jail admissions because of poverty, mental illness and/or addiction. Sheriff Brandenburg is doing the job the way it should be done.  

Martha L. Spiers, Former Executive Director Clackamas Volunteers in Medicine

Mike Wells

I met Angela Brandenburg nearly twenty years ago when we worked together through a coalition against drug crime, a volunteer group based in Welches. I was impressed then with her professionalism and ability to bring a range of volunteers together to make improvements in our rural community to combat and prevent crime. More recently I was thrilled to work closely with Angela through my work at Clackamas Women Services where I have served as the Board President and volunteered for over twenty years. Having Angela at the helm as the Director of A Safe Place Family Justice Center was invaluable because she was able to balance responding to the immediate needs of survivors of domestic and sexual violence while also creating a long-term vision. Angela was a strong leader at a time when public awareness about these issues has been emerging with more prevalence in the news and was able to bring people together to discuss hard topics and make commitments to change, and she did so with a finesse so often missing in other jurisdictions.  


Our community needs the positive, forward thinking and compassionate leadership that Sheriff Brandenburg has displayed for over the past 32 years in service to all of us in Clackamas County.  

Micheal J. Wells, *Mt. Hood Economic Alliance, Cedars Park I, LLC Welches


(*for identification purposes only)

Casey Gwinn

Sheriff Angela Brandenburg is the right leader for the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office. I have worked with elected Sheriffs all over the country and every county in the country should aspire to have a Sheriff like her.

Casey Gwinn, Esq., President, Alliance for HOPE International, Founder Camp HOPE America, Former Prosecutor

Don Krupp

As a former Clackamas County Administrator, I got to know Angela while she served as the Undersheriff for Clackamas County. I was proud to endorse her when she first ran for County Sheriff in 2020. And I am proud to endorse her again in 2024.


Sheriff Brandenburg is smart, decisive, and approachable. She has fought hard to make sure the County Sheriff's Office has the tools and resources to hold criminal offenders accountable and to keep Clackamas County safe.


Don Krupp, Retired Clackamas County Administrator

Gael Strack

I am thrilled to endorse Sheriff Angela Brandenburg. She is a courageous leader and champion for victim rights. Angela knows how to bring people together to get things done. I witnessed how she brought her community together to pass Oregon’s felony strangulation law when she testified in front of the Oregon Legislature. She understands the risk stranglers pose to their victims, the public, and police officers. Holding those who strangle accountable for their actions before they kill is homicide prevention. As Sheriff, Angela will continue to save lives, work with the community to make Clackamas County a safer place, and get things that matter done.

Gael Strack, Esq., CEO, Training Institute on Strangulation Prevention, Adjunct Professor, Former Prosecutor, Defense Attorney, County Counsel

Diane Harvey

For over 20 years, I have had the opportunity to work side-by-side with Angela Brandenburg as a professional community partner. In her role as the Director of A Safe Place Family Justice Center, Angela has proven her commitment to supporting victims of abuse, working hard to keep families safe, supporting victim rights and giving all victims a voice within the criminal justice system; all the while diligently working to hold offenders accountable. 


Sheriff Brandenburg represents integrity, transparency and individual responsibility. She has the experience, skillset and erudition to continue leading positive change within Clackamas County for another four years as Sheriff. 

Diane Harvey (Wehage), RN, Former Director of the Clackamas County District Attorney’s Office – Victim Assistance Program, and Program Grant Coordinator (Ret.) for the Crime Victim and Survivor Services Division of the Oregon Department of Justice. 

Tina Kramer

Sheriff Brandenburg is the type of leader the residents of Clackamas County need as Sheriff. She is ethical, caring, intelligent, and has the experience to lead law enforcement and keep the community safe. Sheriff Brandenburg is committed to offender accountability and rehabilitation while caring deeply about the needs of crime victims.


I have known Sheriff Brandenburg for over 20 years and worked with her as she moved from Patrol Deputy through various promotions and assignments. Most recently, I worked with Sheriff Brandenburg when she was the Director of the Family Justice Center, A Safe Place, where her experience and leadership helped build a community-oriented justice center.


Sheriff Brandenburg has demonstrated the type of leadership our community and the law enforcement profession need as an ethical, balanced, and innovative leader.

Tina Kramer, Retired Investigator, Clackamas County District Attorney’s Office

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