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Keeping Clackamas County Safe


My top priority is keeping you safe. We've been the safest metro county for the past two years, and I will continue to work with our law enforcement partners, hold offenders accountable, use best practices, and embrace new technologies to make it even safer for you and your family.


Looking Out for Your Tax Dollars


I will continue to be your financial watchdog and hold the County to their promise to fully staff and fund the Sheriff’s Office. My budget will always be public, so you can see exactly how your money is being spent down to the last dollar.


Taking Care of the People That Take Care of You


A safe community relies on a well-trained, healthy, and resilient public safety workforce. As your Sheriff, I will continue to ensure my team receives the best training, are well-equipped, and have access to resources to help keep them healthy. Taking care of them means we will be there for you when you need us the most.

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