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Sheriff Angela Brandenburg is the current Sheriff of Clackamas County.  She took office in 2021 after she was elected the 33rd Sheriff in the May 2020 Primary by Clackamas County residents. 


Sheriff Brandenburg currently serves on the Commission on Statewide Law Enforcement Standards of Conduct and Discipline, the Department of Public Safety Standards and Training Police Policy Committee, and is a Northwest Accreditation Alliance Board Member


Sheriff Angela Brandenburg is a Lifelong Public Servant and Experienced Public Safety Leader

​Angela has been a dedicated public servant since the age of 18 when she joined the United States Oregon Army National Guard shortly after high school. She attended U.S. Army Basic Training at Ft. Jackson, South Carolina, and Advanced Individual Training at Ft. Gordon, Georgia where she graduated with honors. Angela earned the rank of sergeant before her honorable discharge after 9 years of service.

​Angela is an experienced leader and has faithfully served the residents of Clackamas County for over 33 years. She began her law enforcement career as a volunteer Reserve Patrol Deputy with the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office before she was hired as a full-time Patrol Deputy in 1992.

​Throughout her career with the Sheriff’s Office, Angela actively sought out opportunities to serve in nearly every division of the Sheriff’s Office, including appointments to special assignments. In addition to working as a Patrol Deputy, she served as a Civil Deputy, Patrol Sergeant and Civil Sergeant, Patrol Deputy Field Training Officer, a member of the Special Weapons and Tactics Team (SWAT), and the Search and Rescue Team. Angela was appointed the Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman as Public Information Officer and served in this capacity for five years.

​In 2012, Angela was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant and appointed the Civil Commander overseeing security of the Clackamas County Courthouse, service of civil process, and responsible for the Sheriff’s Office Risk Manager functions.

​In 2015, Angela was appointed as the Investigations Division Lieutenant serving as the Director of Oregon’s first comprehensive Family Justice Center, A Safe Place. Angela developed the program into what it is today and forged strong working relationships with community partners like Clackamas Women’s Services to provide a coordinated community response to better serve victims of domestic and sexual violence.   

​Angela was promoted to Undersheriff in 2019 and commanded over 250 personnel from four divisions: Patrol Division, Investigations Division, Training Division, and A Safe Place Family Justice Center. As the Undersheriff, she served as second-in-command to the Sheriff with the responsibility of the Office of Sheriff in the Sheriff’s absence.


Angela is proud to call rural Clackamas County home for the past 37 years. Growing up in the Colton area, and now residing in the Molalla area with her husband John of 20 years, she embraces the opportunities and challenges of rural, country living. Angela is the mother of two wonderful teenagers.

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